Here is a list of questions which we have been asked about our haggis.

See our haggis product specification. (new window opens)

Q. How do you cook a haggis?
A. View our how to cook a haggis guidelines.

Q.How much haggis and neeps will I need for my Burns Supper?
A. View our Burns Supper Ready Reckoner.

Q. Is haggis gluten/wheat free?

A. See attached our haggis specification. (new window opens)

Q. Do you offer discounts on a bulk order?
Fill out our bulk order enquiry form.

Q. What is a typical Burns Supper Menu?
A. View our Burns Supper Menu webpage.

Q. What is the shelf life of a haggis?
A. Normally two to three weeks, check the label upon receipt. Our MacSweens haggis can be frozen upon receipt as it is despatched fresh.

Q. Do I need to refrigerate my haggis upon receipt?
A. Yes

Q. Can I freeze my haggis upon receipt, if so how long does it keep?
A. Yes you can freeze our MacSweens haggis, after you defrost it use within two weeks.

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